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Abiyah - "Champion Plaque" (feat. Ceschi) [prod. Possible Address]

Some artists are adept at creating music that blends genres, the resulting product sounding unique in its own right. Others, like Abiyah and Ceschi, transcend past the mere blending of styles to offer up sonic manifestations that manage to defy any sort of genre all together. Despite countless journalistic attempts to compartmentalize via labels, the music stands on its own foundation, blasting through the speakers free of any label or definitive denomination.

This genre-less creative approach is strikingly evident with the Cincinnati-based artist's "Champion Plaque", a new single featuring Ceschi that was first imagined in 2015. The free-flowing delivery of vivid, picturesque storytelling from both artists acknowledges the saturation of inauthentic people permeating our daily lives. Abundant in subject matter that is relatable while also forcing listeners to take an uncomfortable look in the mirror, "Champion Plaque" is a call to action, tearing away at the f…
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Gifted Gab - "That Way" [prod. Antwon Vinson]

Can't sit here and act like I wasn't caught all the way off guard when I hit play on "That Way", the latest drop from Seattle's Gifted Gab. While I was expecting bars, Gab came through with some wildly smooth R&B crooning, capturing an entire vibe over the course of the Cause and Effect cut. But, man, despite what I was anticipating, this one slaps in the most sensual, seductive way.

Cradled in the light, jazzy instrumentation that comes courtesy of Antwon Vinson, Gab fills "That Way" with the freshest of vocals. Throughout the record, her thoughts dance with unrequited love before finding solace in her own self-worth. Anybody who's followed Gab over the course of her career already knows she's never had time to play games, the fierce lyricist proudly rocking through her work with omnipresent internal strength. With "That Way", Gab displays some vulnerability while still remaining true to the raw essence of who she is.

"That …

Nick Grant - "Pink Starburst" (feat. Bhess) [prod. Dominic Gordon] (Video)

With a new EP on the horizon, South Carolina-based artist Nick Grant comes through with a smooth, flirtatious ode to a potential love interest(s). "Pink Starburst" might serve you well if you're looking to cuff during these cold winter months, the Bhess-featured record containing a pristine balance of lyrical delivery and fresh vocals. It's slightly braggadocious while remaining pure in it's essence, resulting in a final product that's as brash and assured as it is debonair.

The production, which comes courtesy of Dominic Gordon, is mellow and charming - at times it feels as though each sound is left floating as the next creeps in. As Gordon's instrumentation couples with the vocals, "Pink Starburst" becomes a fine example of modern R&B.

Visually, viewers witness Grant posted with a DeLorean, roadside in the middle of nowhere and kicking it with his Queen in an aesthetically pleasing pink room. With three different women featured over the c…

Aaron May - "I'm Good Luv, Enjoy"

You gotta be wary of the people who pop up after your glow-up, especially if they're acting like they've been rocking with you for the long haul.

Houston-based Aaron May chronicles this sentiment throughout "I'm Good Luv, Enjoy", an anthem for anyone looking to curve the people in their life chasing the shine. Over the course of the new record, Aaron pulls no punches as he displays the fine art of ducking and dodging the women attracted to his buzz. It's a coolheaded, poised bop that features grutty, clashing, self-produced instrumentation. The production syncs nicely with the energy of May's delivery and content, the track serving as a sonic "left on read", abundant in an imperious confidence that struts upon the fine line separating ego and self-love.

"I'm Good Luv, Enjoy" is available now on all major streaming platforms.

Press play below.

Grieves - "Beethoven"

After dropping off a visual last week, Grieves is back with yet another fresh cut in the form of "Beethoven".

Grieves floats over the smooth, atmospheric production, lacing "Beethoven" with confident delivery as he demonstrates a growing sense of self-awareness. And this is saying something, as longtime listeners will recognize the already introspective nature of his extensive catalogue of music. With "Beethoven", the Seattle-based wordsmith plants his focus firmly on his own vision and craft, silencing and rising above the naysayers casting doubt on the man and his music. The record is littered with layered wordplay and substance, once again putting on display the depth of talent that exists within Grieves and the art he creates.

Hopefully this string of new music is a sign that we'll be on the receiving end of a project from the Rhymesayers-representative this year, his first since the release of Running Wild in 2017. 

"Beethoven" is ava…

Travis Thompson - "Safe" (Video)

With a freshly released EP out now and the ink still drying on his deal with Epic Records, Travis Thompson is more than ready to show the world exactly why he's earned the growing buzz that has encapsulated his world today. Whether you've been following the young artist leading up to this point or you're new to his music today, "Safe" and the EP it finds life on leave little doubt that nothing has been handed to Thompson. With "Safe", viewers are opened to bits and pieces - both large and small - of the Seattle-based spitter's story, putting on full display the work he's put in to reaching his current level of success.

"Safe" begins with Travis smoothly flowing through an honest, revealing and reflective verse. I caught him live last year and his on-stage energy was through the roof, so it's nice to see the multidimensional vastness of his music shine so prominently throughout "Safe". Dude can get a crowd going with his …

The Homies - "Leaf Wraps" (feat. Jack Harlow) [prod. 2forwOyNE]

"Leaf Wraps" serves as my introduction to Louisville, KY-based The Homies and I'm certainly pleased to make their musical acquaintance. Stepping up with a uniquely eccentric energy and personality all their own, the collective - which runs five deep (2forwOyNE, Quiiso, Shloob, Ronnie Lucciano and Ace Pro) - covers all bases, handling their production and engineering in-house while also lacing those self-produced bops with smoothly delivered, sharp-witted wordplay.

With an assist from their Private Garden compadre, Jack Harlow, "Leaf Wraps" is a vibe-heavy, wavy and fun record that does a fine job showcasing the eclectic mix of style and energy The Homies bring to the table. It's quite evident from the Brian Campbell-directed visual they're all having fun together, showcased throughout the balanced shots of parties, yoga and simply wylin' out. And everything about "Leaf Wraps", from the music to the video, feels completely natural - The Ho…