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Ceschi - "Say No More" [prod. Factor Chandelier] (Video)

Last week, Ceschi liberated the first release off his upcoming Sad, Fat Luck album and today the Factor Chandelier-produced "Say No More" comes to life with the official visual treatment. Directed by Andy McAlpine, the video offers a wild ride that beautifully captures the overarching tone of the track itself.

Filmed in Amsterdam while Ceschi was wandering aimlessly "during a limbo stage in [his] life", "Say No More" utilizes brusque animation to showcase the chaotic frame of mind the New Haven-based artist was experiencing as a result of the many factors addressed throughout the record. With black and white images of Amsterdam's anatomy behind him, Ceschi is armed only with his guitar as he purges the unsettling turmoil from the depths of his being. While the realism is juxtaposed tumultuously with the animation, the viewer is able to experience the disturbing level of crossover that exists within our own lives. We're left with little choice but…
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I leave my inbox open to any artist that wants to send over their work. I'm always on the lookout for new music to write about and I've found the best way to discover new sounds is to actually have the chance to build with the artist directly. But, to be as transparent as possible, I wish more artists took the opportunity to Swantom Bomb into my messages.

You never know what you're going to get when random artists are sending over their music - to say it's hit or miss is an understatement. That said, it was a lovely surprise to get a DM from MANSIONS and then find two new joints from the artist awaiting me in my inbox. After hitting play on "HOURGLASS", I was instantly hooked on the chill energy brought forth by the Oklahoma-by-way-of-Hawaii-based artist.

MANSIONS is quite literally floating over the self-produced record with a metronome-like delivery, his content coming forth as if it was the sand falling through an actual hourglass. Filling the new release…

Raz Simone - "Hurting Painters" (Video)

With a new album available everywhere tomorrow, Raz Simone wraps up his Still Love roll-out with the release of a brand new visual experience. Showcasing the unique artistic vision Simone possesses, the Jacob Hill-shot "Hurting Painters" features a visual backdrop that some may feel is contrary to the content presented in the song itself. However, upon deeper examination, the juxtaposing energies work together magnificently to orchestrate a dialogue concerning the relationship between love, race/racism and the lifestyle some individuals live in order to rise from the systematically implemented inequality.

"Hurting Painters" manages to bring forth commentary on important subject matter, tying the main focuses together while also speaking on how these factors impact - and hurt - the individual(s) who find themselves labeled and judged simply based on their "cover". It's a stirring presentation that does not limit it's reach to black/white, as Simon…

Murf n Rudy - "ION WANNA" (Demo)

Although it's just a demo, "ION WANNA" serves as our first taste of new music from ClaS!cKMurf n Rudy in quite some time. Both artists have been busy exploring other sonic outlets, as well as dealing with the highs and lows of their own lives. But, man, when these two come together they always cook up something special.

"ION WANNA" is a smooth and soulful experience, the lyrical content housed within the ambient instrumentation. Listeners are initially struck by Rudy's raw vocals, the emotion behind his words coming through the speakers and creeping into the feels of those who press play. And then we find ourselves on the receiving end of Murf's powerful delivery as he lifts the song with reflective and motivating wordplay. "ION WANNA" finds easy connection with it's audience thanks to the relatable content, the final product working to take the listener on a journey into their own psyche, traveling through their lives and emotions with M…

Ryan Charles - "POPA WHEELY" (feat. Sam Lachow) [prod. Kase Closed]

Ryan Charles calls for the assist from Sam Lachow, cooking up a full-blown Seattle affair on his latest release. The Kase Closed-produced "POPA WHEELY" is nothing short of a bop, as the two artists take turns riding the vibrant, lightly trap-infused instrumentation, exchanging verses in between some fun crooning.

Ryan and Sam step up with juxtaposing deliveries on "POPA WHEELY", resulting in an aberrant record that's as fun as it is mind-bending. You'll find yourself running this joint back a few times to capture the rapid fire quips both artists let off throughout the new release - it's not an absurdly lyrical track, but Charles and Lachow mask the depth of their content beneath the enticingly off-center energy present throughout "POPA WHEELY".

Press play below.

dylAn - "Clarity (Zedd Cover)"

The enigmatic dylAn comes through today with a unique spin on Zedd's "Clarity", covering the song with a far more sullen energy than the Foxes-featured original. Clocking in at just over a minute and a half, Capital A fills his rendition of "Clarity" with omnipresent dreariness, his crooning emerging from the depths of his physical.

It's undoubtedly eccentric and certainly worth the quick listen, especially considering there's no telling how long he'll let it live online.

Press play below.

Locksmith - Freestyle (DJ Kay Slay)

Man, what in the actual fuck can even be said about this onslaught Locksmith brought to DJ Kay Slay and Shade 45?

Refusing to let the flu keep him subdued, Lock emerged from his hotel room to absolutely destroy any preconceived notion you may have regarding who's top 5 dead or alive. 'Cause, my brothers and sisters, if you don't recognize the pure lyricism that is Locksmith, then you gotta get your ears, eyes and mind checked.

I'm writing this at a loss for words and, quite frankly, there isn't much that needs to be addressed as the Richmond, LA-based emcee spends ten minutes filling the instrumental with socially aware references masked as hard hitting bars. It's the gospel according to Lock; a textbook on what hip-hop as the potential to be. Unabashed, abrasive and mordant in his delivery, Locksmith once again demonstrates how capable he is to consciously go off - dude can write songs and dude can rap. This freestyle is just another example in the ever-growi…