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Jordan Daniel - "Midnight" (feat. Zhero) [prod. Dr. Bad News]

Jordan Daniel caught my attention in April of this year with the release of his debut project, the 4-track Feet on the Pavement. Although the EP clocked in at under 12 minutes, it certainly served it's purpose as a fine introduction to the musical offerings of the Connecticut native. 
Daniel returned recently with two new records, including the Zhero-featured "Midnight". Much like Feet on the Pavement, "Midnight" presents a distinct sound that displays the unique sonic vibrations Jordan is bringing to the table. And I've been a Zhero stan for as long as I've been listening to his music, so his assist on the track is appreciated on my end. 
The Dr. Bad News-produced "Midnight" is simultaneously ambient and heavy hitting, as the instrumentation couples with the lyrical content to knock listeners awake while also guiding them into a trance-like headspace. With Jordan's tempestuous crooning and Zhero's characteristic sing-song rap vocals,…

Detelj - "Chapter 03" (Video)

With DRASTIC dropping on Friday, Detelj returns with another new cut that won't appear on the upcoming project. "Chapter 03" does, however, serve as our second glimpse into the artist's current frame of mind, following the release of "Never Grow Up" earlier this month. Showcasing Detelj's multifaceted skill set, "Chapter 03" features self-production and a self-directed visual experience.

After my first run through of the latest video, my initial reaction was to draw comparisons to "Damien Hirst", a previous release that is no longer available on Detelj's YouTube (Editor's Note: actually, I found it). This resemblance came in the form of the visual effects, overall aesthetic similarities, and the amount going on throughout the video. Interestingly, I can recall shortly before the video dropped how a third party, who had seen the product early, remarked how it looked cool, but there was a lot going on and it didn't really …

Stream: Raz Simone - 'Drive Theory' (Album)

Raz Simone has always kept his music personal, filling the sonic landscape with a depth of from-the-heart content that made public all aspects of his life. Over the years, Raz has perfected the art of bringing light to what may initally be perceived as darkness - on one of his earlier releases, Simone poetically addresses how the rape of his mother lead to his own life coming into being. In addition to family related subject matter, Raz has shared details and stories surrounding his lifestyle, his run-ins with law enforcement, and more.

Raz has made it a point to lay it all out on the table, using his music as a means of revealing the experiences that have allowed him to grow into the person he is today. Rather than hide the "lows" and merely flex the "highs", Simone recognizes each and every moment that has lead to this current point in time as a necessary step on his journey. And his keen ability to thrive through whatever life puts in front of him is demonstrate…

RUDY - "8008 7U83" [dir. Bklyn Lo] (Video)

With BY MY LONESOMEstreaming everywhere, RUDY comes through with some ambient visuals for "8008 7U83".

Filmed in Nova Scotia while gathering content for the second ROY G. BV installment, the Bklyn Lo-directed video features a beautiful scenic backdrop as RUDY floats over his self-produced record. Delivering his lyrics with a laid-back, almost desolate cadence, "8008 7U83" presents powerful concepts, the weight of which are amplified by the lack of flash, bells and whistles. The beauty of "8008 7U83" rests in it's simplistically complex nature - a captivatingly precise balance of depth and surface level significance.

Experience "8008 7U83" below.

Detelj - "Never Grow Up" [prod. Gobbo] (Video)

There are certain artists, some of whom do very well for themselves, who find their lane and stay in it. Once they discover a sound and style that resonates with their fan base, they stick with it from album to album, seldom showing any clear signs of growth.

Try as I may, I can never find myself becoming a fan of these artists, despite how talented they may or may not be.

On the other hand, you have artists who may have found a style that works for them sonically but they recognize there is more out there for them to discover on a creative level. Rather than simply remaining comfortable - i.e. stagnant - in what has worked, they push their creative boundaries in hopes of discovering what else they are capable of.

This style of creative growth has been exhibited by Detelj for a number of years now. His own toughest critic, the CT-based artist has continuously honed his craft, seemingly never satisfied with where he is at with whatever he may be creating. This is exemplified by the fa…

Watch Now: Aaron Cohen & Eklips in Paris (Video)

While in Paris - which appears to be one of his homes away from home at this point - Aaron Cohen bumped into Eklips outside a train station. With cameras rolling, the renowned beatboxer proceeded to drop Dipset's "Oh Boy" instrumental as Cohen does what he does best, lacing the France-based musician's rendition of the track with characteristically self-confident quotables. 
Check out the off the cuff collaboration below and be on the lookout for Cohen's upcoming RED NEW YORKproject. 

Heather Victoria - "Japan" [prod. The Gavin Quintet]

I was first blessed by the soulful, angelic voice of Heather Victoria a few years ago when I was discovering the depth of the Jamla Records squad. Having been a fan of both Rapsody and Add-2, I quickly realized the Jamla family ran deep with next level talent and artistry. As I dove deeper into the catalogue, I was fortunate enough to link with a few of the Jamla artists - including Queen Rap, Add-2 and Heather Victoria - for interviews.

Since then, I've been anticipating new music from Ms. Victoria. And, praise God, I awoke this morning to see a new record from the Jamla crooner. While today saw a few high profile releases, I've had the six and a half minute "Japan" queued up on repeat throughout most of the day.

Featuring smooth production from The Gavin Quintet, "Japan" showcases exactly what makes Heather so captivating. The way her voice flows, emanating from the depth of her heart and soul, has the potential to send chills up and down the listener. A…


Fresh off their adventure to Nova Scotia, the ROY G. BV creators have liberated a new record and an accompanying video.

"POMP AND POWER" initially stands out thanks to the use of auto tune at the start of the track to distort Joey's voice, an effect I'm not used to seeing from Batts. One of the aspects of this ROY G. BV venture that makes it so enjoyable to witness is the mutual pushing of creative boundaries and the stepping out of comfort zones.

Lyrically, "POMP AND POWER" gets a little wavy, touching on some solemn subject matter while still keeping an upbeat vibe, before turning into an uplifting anthem thanks to Rudy's #toosweet vocals. And the high frequency of the record is accented by the clear level of enjoyment Rudy and Batts are having, which is apparent both sonically and visually.

There is a contagious, lighthearted pleasure that encompasses the self-shot visuals, as viewers witness Joey shooting off fireworks as Rudy stands in the forefro…

Bklyn Lo - "UNTLD" [prod. Juno Adonis] (Video)

Even when I'm not actively covering CT's hip-hop scene heavy as I once did, I do my best to keep my eyes and ears open for those artists who come through with the gems. I know for a fact there are a number of talented artists in this state who don't have a heavy buzz but are out there honing their craft and putting their heart into every single piece of art they create. 
I guess I can't speak in regards to everywhere, but something I've noticed in Connecticut is it's always the artists who are overly vocal and into hyping their releases up that never deliver a product that really stands out or meets the expectations they created for themselves. It's one thing to believe in yourself and be proactive in your self-promotion. But it's another to post how "you up next, 'boutta put CT on the map," while tagging your entire friends list...and then dropping straight basura. 
But, man...this guy Bklyn Lo is truly one of CT's best kept secrets.…

Stream: Sam Lachow - 'Motels & Minivans' (EP)

Now perhaps more than ever, there is a widening divide in regards to the general populations response to artists and celebrities dealing with and going through substance abuse problems. Some people are vocal in their support while others are quick to throw shade, citing that "fame" and "glory" are certainly not reasons to succumb to personal demons. Of course, this fame/glory argument fails to take into account so many other factors that go into play in a person's life, including both internal and external elements...but that's a different story for a different time.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it's vital to remember that no matter how famous a person is or isn't, they are human - the only difference between the person begging for change and the person on the cover of magazines and movie posters is the attention the public pays to them. No matter one's position or title, we are all here on Earth as spirits inhabiting the physica…