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Raz Simone - "Clout" [prod. Anthony Danza] (Video)

Fresh off the heels of another trip around the sun, Raz Simone comes through with his first visuals of 2018. In typical Raz fashion, the Black Umbrella founder holds nothing back on "Clout", addressing a myriad of subject matter with a confidently calm yet simultaneously aggressive delivery.

Simone has always been one of my favorite artists to cover, thanks in large part to the layered presentation of his content. With "Clout", an essay could be composed on both the track itself and the accompanying video - while both seem almost overly simple upon first glance/listen, the song and video cover a lot of ground over the course of five and a half minutes.

The visuals are split between two backdrops - Raz being "studied" in a research facility and Raz rapping in the street.

The vibe of the production on "Clout" syncs up perfectly with the dreary, simple visual of Simone in the rainy streets...appropriately carrying a black umbrella. It's dark, it's menacing, but it's not complicated or over the top - it gets a sonic and visual point across, while setting the mood for Raz's lyrics.

Carrying a clipboard with a "Raz Clout Cloning Checklist", an individual indulges in some "Troll Foods: Clout Water" and some "Basic Bars" chocolate before attempting to recreate the energy, personality, intelligence and talent of Raz Simone. Unfortunately for the "scientist", as the lyrics suggest, he can't be duplicated because of his realness - something clout does not afford an individual. Raz Simone is Raz Simone because of the experiences he has thrived through, not because of some checklist or recipe.

"Seeing things no one should have to see
Being things no one should have to be"

Over the course of the track, Raz provides listeners with a glimpse of what his life has and does consist of outside of making music. We get a sense of the adversity and opposition he has overcome on his way to the present moment, including school's that claimed he "wouldn't do shit" and a local scene that makes "sure the street n***as aren't included." 

Of course, if one is familiar with Simone's catalogue of music and the stories he has included in his lyrics, they might already recognize that Raz and his life/style are "way more than just rap." As such, the attempt to clone Raz Simone is destined for failure...even with the acquisition of rings, street cred, angelic voice (lol bc he's Razpy), Tesla, female specimens, Baby Jesus facial features, tattoos, money, lyrics, and style. At the end of the day, Raz is really what he raps about and he's really about the lifestyle he's living - it's not a front, an act, or an illusion. 

Those trying to copy/clone him? In Raz's words, "they ain't about what I'm about." 

The self-directed "Clout" was shot and edited by longtime collaborator, Jacob Hill. The song itself features production from Simone and Anthony Danza, as well as additional violin courtesy of John Sinclair.

Enjoy Raz's "Clout" visuals below and stream the track via SoundCloud.


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