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Bklyn Lo - "Set Trippin (Remix)"

I was first introduced to the sounds of Bklyn Lo thanks to his association with UZOO, a collective based out of Connecticut. While my familiarity with his music is still limited at best, I was instantly captivated by his keen lyricism and aggressive energy. Although the future of UZOO is unknown, it was a welcome surprise to see a new drop from Bklyn come across my timeline. 

On his latest release, Bklyn Lo utilizes Casanova's "Set Trippin" instrumental to lay down some in your face, braggadocious lyrics. Bklyn fills the track with a smooth, rapid paced flow, making full use of the beat. I enjoy the juxtaposition of the emcee's intense delivery against the less aggressive instrumental. 

It's worth noting that, in addition to cooking up music, Bklyn Lo is also v skilled when it comes to shooting and editing videos. He's got other work out there, but I've included the "Double O Flow" visuals at the bottom of this post.

Listen to "Set Trippin (Remix)" and then peep the video Bklyn cooked up for UZOO below.  


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