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Warm Gun - "Nu Diamonds / Got Me Now" (feat. Emree Franklin) [Video]

If you've been following artists like Raz Simone or Sam Lachow - or a number of other Seattle-based artists - then you're most likely familiar with Brain "Warm Gun" Chinn. The multifaceted artist has become well respected for his ability to shine across the board in regards to the creation of music, whether he's producing, engineering, laying vocals or writing songs. Those familiar with Seattle's scene have no doubt seen Warm Gun's moniker attached to a track, record or video on numerous occasions.

Last year, Warm Gun let loose what is arguably his best collection of music to date, the 10-track Rare Candy. The project not only showcased the beautiful and original musical stylings of Chinn, it also put on full display his ability to craft a cohesive album that revealed intricate storytelling and well-thought out concepts. The fact it heavily featured Gun's Black Umbrella brethren certainly did not hurt Rare Candy either.

After giving the project plenty of time to resonate with listeners, Gun recently dropped off a set of visuals that simultaneously takes on two cuts off Rare Candy. 

According to Gun, the "Nu Diamonds" portion of the video - which initially lasts roughly 45 seconds - is intended to be a "swift kick in the teeth", representing the "mind in isolation, during the void of hopelessness." On the flip side, Gun's "Got Me Now" segment visualizes the "path towards hope", representative of one embracing the disorder. The Sam Roberts and Alan Danilo-directed video utilizes a television to link the two segments/tracks.

Be on the lookout for cameos from Raz, Lachow, Dave B, Romaro Francesca, and Emree Franklin, who is featured on "Got Me Now".  

Experience Warm Gun's "Nu Diamonds / Got Me Now" below.


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